Coastline Equipment, Inc.
Custom Marine Fuel/Water Tanks
2235 E Bakerview Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

(P)360-734-8509 (F) 360-734-9321
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We manufacture stainless steel (T304 and 316), and aluminum (5052), fuel and water tanks for
your customized boating needs.  We also build gray and black water holding tanks made of
stainless steel for boats.

We have been building marine fuel and water tanks since 1975.  We are very proud of the
reputation for design, quality, workmanship and customer service that we have earned
throughout our history.  We have the expertise and commitment to meet your tank needs.

Coastline builds one offs, after market replacement tanks and prototype as well as standard
production line tanks.

We build our tanks to meet and exceed NMMA, US Coast Guard and ISO regulations.  Each
tank is tested to ensure its integrity before we ship it to you.

We can provide sight gauges, return fittings and inspection plates upon your request.
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